Wednesday, June 11, 2008

laying waste

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For the past couple of days I've been observing scaffolders putting up scaffolding in my street.

Their skills, as well as putting up scaffolding, include dropping litter in the street and scaring people.

One of the scaffolders has a little trick: as someone walks beneath him, he yells 'oh fuck' and bangs a couple of times on a piece of scaffolding. The person underneath obviously fears for their safety and when they look up and see this scaffolder, they might give him a piece of their mind. The scaffolder's reaction is along the lines of telling the passerby to 'fuck off'.

On the litter front, there is a public bin about ten yards from where they are working, so I'm presuming that when they throw rubbish into the street, they're actually aiming at the bin.

They look like they're great scaffolders, but not so strong on on the friendly community work.


simon gray said...

you might want to report them to the council for flytipping - £5,000 fine !

jez said...

I might, but I might not. Have you ever had to deal with Lewisham Council? I'd rather not.