Wednesday, June 11, 2008

late fruits

late fruits
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Our vegbox company, UK5, hasn't delivered this week. Which is odd, because usually they deliver on a Monday or a Tuesday. According to their website, they deliver in our area on a Monday or a Wednesday so I waited for the delivery today. Alas, it didn't come.

This is the second time UK5 have failed to deliver. The week after the first time, delivery resumed with a note from the company stating that the delivery person had 'smacked straight into some scaffolding poles' in a dark alley way while trying to complete a delivery.

I'm not hopeful with this company any more. They claim to have over 15,000 customers, according to their website. But on their website you can't specify your delivery yet for this week and they're not taking calls - at least their mail box is full and they're not answering the phone.

Hopefully the vegbox will arrive soon and they might start answering emails and all will be alright with the world again.

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